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Lost in Translation - Dom Robson-Tull


  • Mike Peterson (2018)
    Dom is a brilliant and reactive musician with a professional attitude. He was great to talk to and has so much insight into the industry.
  • Zarina Macha (2018)
    I wasn't prepared for this beautiful and haunting instrumental track. I feel I could close my eyes and allow this piece of music to drown me in it, taking me away to a place of light tranquillity.
  • Amelia Vandergast (2010)
    When you stumble across an instrumental piece curated through concordance which leaves you feeling slightly emotively bruised, you know you’ve just discovered an aural gem.</p> <p>Which is exactly what we found with Dom Robson-Tull’s second single “Cycles”. The UK-based multi-instrumentalist, arranger, composer, and producer created a compelling progressive single which carries elements of Neo-Classical, yet, in a cinematic style he brings his soundscape well truly into the contemporary.

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