For A Friend

6 April 2020
Dom Robson-Tull
DomRT Records
Producer: Dom Robson-Tull
Number of discs: 1

‘For A Friend’ is Dom’s newest track boasting a range of emotion and interconnecting sounds.


I wrote this track, well… for a very close friend, who has had a difficult few years and is actively making changes for the better. This person has such warmth and kindness and is a huge inspiration to me, though they may not know it. ‘For A Friend’ is a commentary on the uphill battle that they faced on a daily basis and trying to conquer insecurities.


Artwork by Dom Robson-Tull

Mixing Engineer – Dom Robson-Tull

Mastering Engineer – Andy ‘Hippy’ Baldwin

Mastered at Metropolis Studios 

Dom Robson-Tull © 2020