Bounce House Jam


Now this one was fun! The Bounce House jam is essentially where I make 8 versions of myself all in the space of my living room. These clones then play or represent a different instrument found in my version of ‘Bounce House’ (orig. Jacob Mann).

The groove in this tune is very upbeat and has a lot of space for solos; so I used it as an opportunity to just showcase what I can do and try out some new recording techniques. I made a lot of my own samples by banging pens together and making clicks, opening cans…and so on. Editing this together took 2 days because I really had no clue what I was doing. I had seen the video for Jacob Collier’s ‘Hideaway’ and it gave me the idea to dive deeper into custom masking in After Effects. I’m pretty happy with the product and would love to do another video in this style; perhaps over an arrangement of something.


Fun fact: It was filmed just after Christmas, so I had to make my family leave the room for an hour to get the footage. Thanks mum!

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