Dom Robson-Tull


“Metamorphosis” is the first song to be ‘officially’ released by Dom Robson-Tull. This tune was written in mid-late 2015 and was his debut into the ever-expanding world of Contemporary Fingerstyle Guitar.

In early 2013, Dom discovered the works of Eric Roche, Mike Dawes and Jon Gomm. Since then, he has dedicated countless hours into learning the craft of blending unorthodox percussive techniques into his acoustic playing to create a unique voice on the instrument. Many of these techniques are borrowed from flamenco, and folk music. After exploring this style for three years, Dom created, “Metamorphosis” as an ode to the new skills he learned and how they changed his approach to the acoustic guitar.

Metamorphosis feels like centuries ago haha! It was a weird one for me to put together. I think I was very ‘new’ to playing the style and writing music in general which is why the isn’t a ‘structure’ to the piece. I kinda like how sporadic and random the changes in direction are in the song because it brings in lots of fresh ideas which could be developed further.

I think I’d like to try more stuff like this because this style always gets a great reaction and energy from the audience!

This song is meticulously crafted, but the product hasn’t matured enough. This needs to be re-worked to have more of an impact and is something I will try to do in my (very limited) free time.

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